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Amotik Bedding

Soft and warm plush on one side and retro-inspired coloured canvas on the other. Fun yet neutral colouring means Atomik will suit any home décor.
Size Medium 65cm x 74cm
($89.95) NOW $80.95
Dino Bone
Let's take it back to a time when dinosaurs roamed the Earth and the fire hydrant was just a figment of the imagination. Thankfully, the dinosaurs are long gone but their giant bones remain (to the delight of their doggy descendants). Made entirely of highly durable, non-toxic materials the FuzzYard Dino Bone is a totally tough and long-lasting toy from a time gone by. - Non-toxic - Floats in water
Large 40 cm $19.95 / Small 25 cm $9.95
Aromatheraphy Mists for health and wellbeing
Try the citrusy combination of Orange and Bergamot essential oils designed to elevate your dog's mood. It's a brilliant pick me up for any dog during the dreary winter months or hot summer season.

NOW $11.95

Refresh and revive a tired dog with our invigorating blend drawing on the stimulant and anti-fatique benefits of Rosemary and Peppermint essential oils.

NOW $11.95

LIfestyle Mists
Bedding Bliss
Say goodbye to unpleasant doggy smells! The delightfully aromatic blend of CHamomile and Peppermint is the perfect way to eliminate the nasty odours lurking in your dog's bedding and play areas. Gorgeous Gloss is the all natural must have for your home or car.

NOW $11.95

Luscious Locks
The 2-in-1 Aloe Vera and Tangerine OIl formula will detangle your dog's coat and protect its sensitive skin from harmful UV rays all at the same time. Revive, condition and protect your dog's coat throughout the year.

NOW $11.95

Paw Balm

Help soother and condition your dog's dry or cracked paws with the all natural blend of Shea butter and Avocado Oil. It has been specially formulated with organic extracts and best of all, it's safe to lick.
($19.95) NOW $15.95
Microfibre Dog Towel with Hand Pockets

Make bath time easier with a FuzzYard Microfibre Drying Towel. The towels are soft, super-absorbent and designed to cut drying time by half.  The new extra large towel comes with four convenient hand pockets allowing you to hold onto your dog while drying and helps you get into those hard-to-reach areas with ease.
($34.95) NOW $27.95